岩永 真奈

ベーシスト / 作曲・編曲家

12月23日生まれ / 大阪府出身




自身のユニットの活動やGLAY TAKURO サポートを始め、ライブ、セッション、レコーディングなど、ジャンルを問わず多方面で活躍中。その各方面にて現場で活躍するトップミュージシャン達から絶大な支持を受ける。 


Iwanaga Mana

Bassist / Composer, Arranger

Born in 12.23 / Born in Osaka, Japan


She is a young female bass player.
She is skillful at 5 string bass mainly, 4 string and 6 string bass.
It is drawing attention with her playing style and reliable technique.

Besides her unit activity and GLAY TAKURO support, she is active in many fields regardless of genre such as live, recording.She has received tremendous support from top musicians who are active in the field of each genre.


In addition to performing, she composes music.She has broad musicality and high originality. Also, she is highly appreciated for music that makes full use of his experience and brings out the charm of the performers to the maximum.

Stay Away - Iwanaga Mana
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Interstellar Wind - Iwanaga Mana
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ARC - Iwanaga Mana
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