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岩永 真奈

ベーシスト / 作曲・編曲家

12月23日生まれ / 奈良県出身

5弦ベースをメインに、ウッドベースやシンセベースも駆使するスタイルと確実なテクニックで注目のベーシスト。自身のユニットの活動やGLAY TAKUROのサポートを始め、ライブ、セッション、レコーディングなどジャンルを問わず多方面で活躍中。トップミュージシャン達から絶大な支持を受ける。


Iwanaga Mana

Bassist / Composer, Arranger

Born in 12.23 / Born in Nara, Japan

A bassist who has been attracting attention for her style of playing mainly on the 5-string bass, but also using wood bass and synth bass, as well as her solid technique. He is active in a variety of genres, including live performances, sessions, and recordings, as well as his own unit and support for GLAY TAKURO. He has received tremendous support from top musicians.

In addition to performing, he is also active as a composer and arranger, working on a wide range of projects including commercial music and show music for Sanrio Puroland. He is also actively involved in his own artistic activities, and has released three original albums to date, which have been well received.

Stay Away - Iwanaga Mana
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Interstellar Wind - Iwanaga Mana
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空と無と零 - Iwanaga Mana
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